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Chopsticks go back over 4,000 years -->

And in all that time, there hasn’t been much in the way of improvements. Just imagine what your modern life would be like without continual product improvement: Your iPad would be an abacus Your text messages would be smoke signals Your Kindle Reader would be a stone tablet Your Uber driver would pull a rickshaw Your Netflix would be stories told around the campfire It’s time to drag chopsticks--kicking and screaming--into the 21st century! Jan-Stix are modern utensils that make eating fun. You already know that most Western diners are not very adroit with chopsticks. They find them uncomfortable to hold, awkward to use, and inefficient in the delivery of food from plate to palate. Even those adept with chopsticks become easily fatigued. Chopsticks have been linked to arthritis and repetitive strain injuries. Studies have also shown that disposable chopsticks are frequently toxic. And thousands of acres of timberland are cleared each year to manufacture disposable chopsticks. How would You Design Chopsticks for the 21st Century?  If you were to design chopsticks for the modern day you would begin by making them comfortable to hold, easy to use, and practically impossible to drop a morsel of food. And you would ensure that they be safe, sanitary, and sustainable. You would start with oval handles to rest in your choice of palm, fingers, or even fingertips. And you would carve an inviting texture into the handles to eliminate slipping. You would marry the handles with a springy, pinch- proof hinge to keep the stalks in constant alignment. You would fashion tiny nubs on the inner tip surfaces to embrace every bite. And you would curl the tips, making it as easy to scoop as to pluck. Your chopsticks would be free-standing, ready to use, and need minimal table space. You would bring elegance to any décor by sculpting them with the graceful lines of a swan. And you would select FDA-approved materials to make them dishwasher-safe. Your modern chopsticks would be so much fun, and so effective, that you would use them for more than just Asian cuisine. You would enjoy salads, stews, shellfish, pasta, and dozens of other dishes like never before. And you would make them affordable: a lifetime of dining pleasure for the cost of a pizza. These are Jan-Stix, chopsticks for the 21st century… just the way you would have designed them.

Jan-Stix Come in Four Designer Colors -->

Jan-Stix come in four colors: Ivory (creamy white), Jade (dark green), Garnet (deep red), and Onyx (midnight black). There are several “rainbow” and “holiday” multi-color assortments, but otherwise colors cannot be mixed in a box.

Jan-Stix Offer Three Packaging Options

Our unit package, intended for home use, holds 1-4 Jan-Stix each. Our dozen carton, with 12 Jan-Stix, is ideal for a therapy center (or a large family!)   Our bulk carton, with 144 Jan-Stix, is intended for a restaurant or a senior living facility.

Dine in Style with our Travel Sleeve -->

Now you can take Jan-Stix along to your favorite restaurant. Designed to simulate a gentleman's breast pocket handkerchief, the handsome Travel Sleeve allows the diner to carry their Jan-Stix in pocket or purse--conveniently, stylishly, and sanitarily. The machine-washable, maroon travel sleeve is made from 100% linen. The Velcro closure secures your Jan-Stix inside. Now you can enjoy the convenience and sophistication of Jan-Stix at your favorite restaurant too. The Travel Sleeve is priced at $10.




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