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Terms and Conditions

Jan-Stix are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects and to provide exceptional

service under normal use while observing appropriate reasonable care.

Note: As with any utensil, repeated washing will cause Jan-Stix to lose some of their

original luster. This in no way compromises their functionality or performance.

As with any product, certain precautions must be observed to maintain performance and

prolong its life. Our care instructions describe these measures.

Jan-Stix can be purchased on-line using most major credit cards or PayPal. Customers

desiring a line of credit can initiate an inquiry at the addresses shown on the Contact -

FAQ page for further details.

Note: Jan-Stix are not recommended for children under eight years old.

Privacy Policy

By accessing this web site you agree to the Privacy Policy set forth below. We reserve the right to change this policy by posting a revision on this web site. INFORMATION When you place an order for a product, we need to know your name, e-mail and shipping address, and your billing information so that we can fill, confirm and ship your order, and notify you of your order status. We may also request personal information from you if you submit comments to us through our web site. We reserve the right to disclose without notice to you any information in our possession if required to do so by law, to protect or defend our rights or property, or to respond to an emergency. This Privacy Policy does not apply to the use of disclosure of information that is collected or obtained by us through means other than this web site. NON-PERSONAL DATA This site may use cookies and/or collect your IP address or domain name for site administration purposes. PERSONAL DATA Personal information provided by you may be used only by Jan-Stix, LLC. We don't rent, sell, or otherwise distribute to others any information about our customers. We may provide your personal information to third party agents hired to deliver your order. While we use all reasonable efforts to safeguard the confidentiality of your information, Jan- Stix, LLC will not be responsible for disclosure of any information due to errors in transmission or the unauthorized acts of third parties. This site uses Google Analytics and Facebook tracking codes to support advertising for demographics and interest reporting. You can opt out of this feature, or customize it to suit your preferences, through this link. You can also choose to install the Google Analytics  Opt-out Browser Add-on (which is compatible with all leading browsers) through this link. SHOPPING CART PROVIDER’S PRIVACY POLICY For order processing our web site contains links to a third-party web site which is not under the control of Jan-Stix, LLC. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of this linked site. Our shopping cart provider, Wazala, has their own privacy policy which can be reviewed in the footer of the shopping cart itself (no link is available). Click for additional product information or Get Jan-Stix to place an order.

Shipping Policy

JAN-STIX SHIPS ONLY TO US ADDRESSES Over 3 billion people in the world use chopsticks. And most of you will have to wait for your Jan-Stix! Until we can determine what tariffs are applicable for international shipments, and what freight charges will be applied, we cannot accept Jan-Stix orders for delivery outside of the United States. We want to bring Jan-Stix to the world! We will be rolling out Jan-Stix distribution on a country-by-country basis. We will advise you of any changes in this policy with updates on our website and social media sites. January 2016 update:  For estimating purposes, International USPS shipping rates are about $60 for our 1-4 pack and $78 for our 12-pack (slightly less for Canadian locations). Any tariffs, while unlikely, would be determined by the destination country. These additional charges are rather high compared to the selling price of our product. We would be glad to work with local agents who would be willing to distribute our product overseas. PACKAGING Jan-Stix ships in reusable corrugated cartons, with only enough packing to secure and protect our product while making it easily accessible to the consumer. If you choose to dispose of your packaging please recycle, if possible. We want to do our part to preserve the environment. Every Jan-Stix can replace over three thousand pair of conventional wooden chopsticks! In order to minimize your shipping charges (and lessen the chance of a lost carton) we make every effort to ship in the fewest number of cartons possible. Our “individual” carton will hold from one to four Jan-Stix. We also have “dozen” and “gross” cartons. For customers ordering 5 to 9* Jan-Stix, or two or more dozen packs, we will attempt to bundle any individual cartons into a single “mother” carton, which may require additional packing to be used for a secure shipment. SHIPPING, HANDLING AND TAX Delivery charges for every shipment are prepaid and added to the invoice before shipment. Jan-Stix adds a nominal handling charge with each order, typically $10.00 for each individual package (of 1-4 units), $12.00 for each dozen carton, and $30.00 for each gross carton. This is less than the actual cost of shipping, order processing and packaging for our product. FREE SHIPPING FOR QUANTITIES OF FOUR OR MORE! Current US tax law requires that we collect state sales tax only for shipments to states where we have a physical presence--in this case, only Pennsylvania. New legislation is being considered which might require state sales taxes be collected for every state. Jan- Stix will comply with all Federal statutes that are applicable when your product ships. DELIVERY PROVIDERS Jan-Stix ships primarily via United Parcel Service (UPS). If you have a preferred carrier please notify us when placing your order and we will strive to honor your wishes. * You can get 12 Jan-Stix for the price of 10, (or 12 dozen for the price of 10 dozen) so why order only 10 or 11? Click for additional product information or Get Jan-Stix to place an order.

Return Policy

Jan-Stix are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects and to provide exceptional service under normal use. Please review our disclaimers above. Jan-Stix are warranted for six months from date of purchase. Should you be dissatisfied with the performance of Jan-Stix products for any reason during that time, please contact us via email or letter at the addresses shown on the Contact-FAQ page and we will make arrangements for a full refund or replacement. We want you to be delighted with Jan-Stix. We believe that feedback from any dissatisfied customer is an opportunity for us to improve our product offering. Surveys show that for each customer complaint there may be as many as nine more dissatisfied customers who didn’t take the time to express their sentiments, for whatever reason. We want to make you happy and keep you happy. Most of our business comes from the enthusiastic support and referrals of “Jan’s Fans.” So please let us know when we don’t meet your expectations. Here’s how to get your replacement (or credit): 1) Notify us via email or letter at the addresses shown on the Contact-FAQ page. Tell us the nature of your complaint and how we can make things right for you. We also need to verify that you purchased (or were given) genuine Jan-Stix, so we will either need your order number (which was emailed to you, and also printed on the packing list), or tell us who bought the Jan-Stix, where it was shipped, and when. 2) You will be issued a Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) number, which will authorize you to return your Jan-Stix to us. We cannot issue you credit without this RGA number. Ship the defective Jan-Stix back to us for our inspection. (You pay for the shipping charges to us, but the we will pay the return freight.) 3) Once we receive the Jan-Stix and confirm that it was not damaged by solvents, abrasive cleaners, excessive heat, or general abuse we will send you a replacement, free of charge. Or we will apply a credit to your charge card account, at your discretion. Click for additional product information or Get Jan-Stix to place an order.
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