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Jan-Stix are not just for Asian food.

Thinking Outside the Wok

Put something on the table that the whole family will enjoy! Jan-Stix make eating fun--and you won't be able to keep your hands off them! Jan-Stix allow you to embrace each desired morsel of food, so they are a superior to forks for many everyday meals, such as: Salads: Chef, Greek, Cobb, Caesar, Fruit, Chicken, Tuna, Shrimp, Egg, Potato, Waldorf, Cucumber, Macaroni, Pasta, Three Bean, or Garden--Jan-Stix allow you to effortlessly hug each tasty mouthful without spearing the food or having it fall off your fork. Seafood: Oysters, scallops, clams, shrimp, mussels, calamari, etc. Jan-Stix secure seafood better than cocktail forks. Italian and other Mediterranean dishes: Jan-Stix are ideal for antipasto, tortellini, scampi, rigatoni, paella, shish- kabob, orzo, etc. Other "ethnic" food: Chili, Nachos, Beef Bourguignon, Hungarian Goulash, Swedish Meatballs, Beef Stroganoff, Seafood Newburg, Escargot, Turkey Tetrazzini, Chicken Primavera, and so on. Cheese or Chocolate Fondue: Skewers or fondue forks notoriously allow food to fall back into the pot; Jan-Stix ensures that no delicious morsel gets left behind. (Jan-Stix are not recommended for barbecue or stir-frying.) Finger food: Hors-d'oeuvre, deviled eggs, petit fours, etc. Fast food: Chicken nuggets, French fries, tater tots: Jan- Stix turns fast food into a fiesta. Snack foods: Do Cheetos and Doritos leave an orange residue on your hands? Not with Jan-Stix. And you will never find anything better for dunking your Oreos in milk! And don't forget: Scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, many vegetables, sliced fruit, melon balls, ambrosia, or coleslaw. In fact, we have curated over 1,200 recipes for which Jan-Stix is the ideal utensil. Food preparation: Whether it's an olive for a Martini, an onion for a Gibson, a pickle for your hamburger, or capers for your chicken salad, Jan-Stix is the perfect implement to retrieve a condiment--intact--from those skinny jars. Do your English muffins ever get stuck in the toaster? Jan- Stix will get them out. Hard-boiling eggs? Let Jan-Stix retrieve them for you. Tossing a salad? Two Jan-Stix will do the trick. Jan-Stix also make excellent serving utensils. Remember that Jan-Stix allow you to either pluck a desired morsel from above, or scoop up small vegetables, rice, or other grains from the side. You will enjoy Jan-Stix so much at home that you will want to take them with you when you dine out. So accessorize your order with our Travel Sleeve. Made from a machine washable linen, the Travel Sleeve allows you to carry the Jan-Stix to your restaurant in a sanitary fashion, and then bring it home without soiling your clothes or purse. Click for additional product information or Get Jan-Stix to place an order.  
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