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Jan-Stix: A better way to eat salads.

Here is why your Next Salad Fork

won’t be a Fork at all

Forks are made for stabbing. And if you want to dig into a nice, juicy steak, a knife and fork are the right tools for the job. But salads don’t react well to being stabbed. Consider some ingredients of your favorite garden salad: Leafy greens, such as lettuce, romaine, spinach, kale, arugula, radicchio, and escarole, often make up the largest portion of your salad. Unless supported by other ingredients these slender, flexible leaves resist spearing with your fork. And this gets increasingly difficult as you work your way down the salad bowl. Crispy vegetables, such as celery, carrots, peppers, radishes, and scallions, add a delicious snap to your salad. But their hard, brittle structures are difficult to penetrate with your fork and often fracture in the process. Delicate ingredients such as mushrooms, tomatoes, beets, sliced eggs, or avocado provide rich, flavorful accents. While their fragile composition makes them easy to spear, perforation by your fork can cause them to fall apart. What about succulent rounds, such as olives, pearl onions, and grape or cherry tomatoes? Their shape and smooth surfaces naturally repel all but your most accurate stab. Finally, impenetrable garnishes such as croutons, capers, nuts, seeds, or bacon bits add variety in texture and flavor, but they cannot be speared with your fork. Your salad is fighting you. Fight back. But use a better weapon.

It’s Time to Stop Stabbing your Salad… 

and Begin Embracing every Bite

Our ancient ancestors ate with their hands. Even today we could eat salads more efficiently by using our fingers—if only that weren’t so hygienically challenging, socially unacceptable, and downright messy! We only use a fork because a knife or spoon would be an  even worse choice. But maybe there’s another alternative. Consider an eating utensil that has been around… for over 4,000 years! Chopsticks. OK, you can stop laughing now. Because I am not talking about traditional Asian chopsticks, which most Western diners can’t use very well  anyway—including me. I am talking about something completely different. I am talking about chopsticks for the 21 st  century. I am talking about chopsticks that are so comfortable to hold… and so intuitively easy to use… that it is like eating with your handsbut your hands never touch the food! I am talking about chopsticks that you probably would have designed yourself…

How Would You Create Chopsticks for the

21st Century?

If you were to design chopsticks for the modern day you would begin by making them comfortable to hold, easy to use, and practically impossible to drop a morsel of food. And you would ensure that they be safe, sanitary, and sustainable. You would start with oval handles to rest in your palm, fingers, or even fingertips. And you would etch an inviting texture into the handles to eliminate slipping. You would marry the handles with a springy, pinch- proof hinge to keep the stalks in constant alignment. You would fashion tiny nubs on the inner tip surfaces to embrace every bite. And you would curl the tips, making it as easy to scoop as to pluck. Your chopsticks would be free-standing, ready to use, and need minimal table space. You would bring elegance to any décor by sculpting them with the graceful lines of a swan. And you would select FDA-approved materials to make them dishwasher safe. Your modern chopsticks would be so much fun, and so effective, that you would use them for more than just Asian cuisine. You would enjoy salads, stews, shellfish, pasta, and dozens of other dishes like never before. And you would make them affordable: a lifetime of dining pleasure for the cost of a pizza. These are Jan-Stix, chopsticks for the 21st century… just the way you would have designed them.

Doesn’t your Waldorf Deserve more


Now you see why Jan-Stix are the ideal replacement for your salad fork: You can pinch leafy greens instead of stabbing them onto your fork. You can pluck crispy vegetables without having them break into pieces. You can embrace delicate ingredients before they capitulate in abject surrender. You can hug succulent rounds instead of chasing them around the salad bowl. And you can unite impenetrable garnishes with your other ingredients into countless delicious combinations. Jan-Stix allows you to finish your salad—down to that last tasty morsel. So stop stabbing your salad, and begin embracing every delicious bite!

What You Always Wanted…

(But Never Knew Existed)

Now that you are aware of Jan-Stix why would you settle for anything less? Haven’t you fought your salads for too long? Do you see how Jan-Stix will add excitement to your family dining experience? Won’t every friend envy your sophistication and savoir faire? Do you have a loved one for whom Jan-Stix could bring a lifetime of eating pleasure? Take advantage of our new low price ($10) and get your Jan-Stix now. You can experience Jan-Stix totally risk free with our 90- day full money back guarantee. And when purchasing four or more your shipping is free! Do you want to find out more? Click here.

Stop Stabbing Your Salad

And Begin Embracing Every Bite

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