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Eating is messy with chopsticks (E=mc 2 )

Pure Brilliance: Comfortable to Hold.

Easy to Use. Eat Like a Champ!

Four thousand years ago chopsticks looked like this, and haven’t changed much since. Sixty years ago cheap disposable chopsticks became a quaint aspect of Chinese restaurants. Back then folks didn’t worry about contamination from residual sulfur, talc and formaldehyde used in their manufacture. Back then folks didn’t object to clearing a hundred acres of forestland per day for their production. Back then folks didn’t pay much attention to arthritis or repetitive strain injuries. But we know better today…

Creating Chopsticks for the 21st Century

If you (or Albert Einstein) were to design chopsticks for the modern day you would begin by making them comfortable to hold, easy to use, and practically impossible to drop a morsel of food. And you would ensure that they be safe, sanitary, and sustainable. You would start with oval handles to rest in your palm, fingers, or even fingertips. And you would carve an inviting texture into the handles to eliminate slipping. You would marry the handles with a springy, pinch- proof hinge to keep the stalks in constant alignment. You would fashion tiny nubs on the inner tip surfaces  to embrace every bite. And you would curl the tips, making it as easy to scoop as to pluck. Your chopsticks would be free-standing, ready to use, and need minimal table space. You would bring elegance to any décor by sculpting them with the graceful lines of a swan. And you would select FDA-approved materials to make them dishwasher safe. Your modern chopsticks would be so much fun, and so effective, that you would use them for more than just Asian cuisine. You would enjoy salads, stews, shellfish, pasta, and dozens of other dishes like never before. And you would make them affordable: a lifetime of dining pleasure for the cost of a pizza. These are Jan-Stix, chopsticks for the 21st century… just the way you and Dr. Einstein would have designed them.

What You Always Wanted…

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