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Creating a Family Tradition

It’s hard to please everybody. Particularly when you are cooking for a family. When Diane and I were raising Michael and Laura we always made our Sunday dinner a special occasion. It was a time when all our schedules could align. It was a time to put aside all the turmoil from the week that just ended. It was a time to celebrate our victories and commiserate our defeats. It was a time to relax, as a family, and prepare for the week ahead. It was a tradition our parents had instilled in us. And it was a tradition we chose to impart to our children. If only we could plan a menu that would please everyone!

Now You Can

Jan-Stix are revolutionary utensils that make dining fun. Even the pickiest eaters look forward to using Jan-Stix. Jan-Stix can be used by diners from ages 8 to 108. They are comfortable to hold and easy to use. And for many foods Jan-Stix are superior to a fork in delivering food from plate to mouth. Sometimes Mother is the Necessity of Invention I developed Jan-Stix for my mother, Janice Marshall. After her stroke (at age 78) Jan had difficulty using a fork, and was restricted to a “finger food” diet. Many of Jan’s favorite foods were either too hot or too messy to be eaten with her fingers. If only there were a utensil that would mimic the natural way our ancestors ate nuts and berries, before eating utensils were developed! I thought of chopsticks, but since I struggle with chopsticks  I was sure Jan would be frustrated too. But what if I could develop chopsticks that were comfortable to hold, easy to use, and more effective at conveying food from plate to palate? Finally, after 29 prototypes I had what I was looking for. The five-minute video below describes my finished product, which I named for my mother. Jan-Stix allow Jan to enjoy many of her favorite foods, such as stews, salads, pasta, vegetables, rice, sliced fruit and berries. Jan was able to once again dine with dignity. The last time I made something for my mother it ended up on the refrigerator door--now it can help her eat what’s inside!

Starting Your Own Tradition

Jan-Stix enable you to introduce your family to the cuisines of the world from the comfort and safety of your own home. You already know that Jan-Stix are superior to conventional chopsticks for Asian dishes. But Jan-Stix are preferable to a fork for many other dishes as well. In fact, we have curated 1,289 non-Asian recipes that are ideal for Jan-Stix. Forks were made for stabbing. Why would you allow your family to take the meal that you lovingly prepared and stab it to death? Instead, Jan-Stix allow them to show a little love by embracing every delicious morsel. All kidding aside, have you ever watched how even accomplished eaters struggle with, for instance, a salad fork? And we consider this acceptable! Brittle ingredients break, delicate ingredients fall apart, leafy greens and rounds (pearl onions or grape tomatoes) resist being stabbed. But Jan-Stix make eating a salad much more enjoyable. Now consider these international delights: Beef Bourguignon, Chicken Cacciatore, Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Tetrazzini, Swedish Meatballs, Hungarian Goulash, Chicken Primavera, Seafood Newburg, Paella, Shish-Kabob. Jan-Stix are ideal for pasta and shellfish too. Don’t forget sliced fruit or berries. And, of course, all sorts of Asian cuisine. So whether you choose to make Jan-Stix part of your Sunday Dinner, or if you want to break the pizza routine with a Forkless Friday, eating with Jan-Stix is something the whole family will look forward to.    

Social Responsibility in Action

Our company has joined leading socially responsible organizations such as TOMS and Warby Parker in a shared commitment to helping the disadvantaged. For every Jan-Stix sold we will donate another to organizations dedicated to aiding individuals who struggle with conventional eating utensils. Here is one such testimonial: “I am using them with mostly stroke patients, severe arthritis/RA (rheumatoid arthritis), cerebral palsy, partial amputations, and as a general rehab tool to help facilitate functional use of the hand.” (right) -  C. Y., Hand Therapist, Atlanta GA  Reasons to Feel Good about Jan-Stix Jan-Stix are made entirely in USA – American ingenuity triumphs again! Jan-Stix are molded and assembled in New Jersey, with hardware manufactured in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Jan-Stix are the hygienic alternative to disposable chopsticks. Are you concerned how sanitary those wooden restaurant chopsticks might be? Does that flimsy paper wrapper really guarantee hygienic protection? Dishwasher- safe Jan-Stix are made from FDA-approved polycarbonate and stainless steel. You can ensure the health of your loved ones with Jan-Stix. Jan-Stix are the sustainable alternative to disposable chopsticks. Every day over 400 million soiled chopsticks are discarded. And every day a hundred acres of woodland are cleared for their replenishment. Each reusable Jan-Stix can replace over 3,000 disposable wooden chopsticks—the equivalent of a 20-year-old aspen. Here’s what Our Customers are Saying… “My mother has poor circulation in her extremities. Jan-Stix allow her to eat many foods that normally give her difficulty, such as Asian noodles--one of her favorites!” (right) - J. T., Southampton, PA “My Jan-Stix are great and very convenient. I am no good with chopsticks, but I am no longer at a disadvantage due to my Jan-Stix! And they draw lots of favorable comments.” - J. H., Abington, PA “I purchased the Jan-Stix for my nephew Jacob (9) and niece Julianna (7). They always were complaining about how they could not use chopsticks and I thought this would be perfect. They love using them.” (right) - M. D., Bensalem, PA “Now that's a tool. What a great idea, I'm sure they'll come in handy on cold days when Fay’s arthritic hands are at their worst. Did you know you can pick up something as small as a toothpick without a problem?” - R. M., Jamison, PA “After some practice, my 87 year old mother, who has peripheral neuropathy as well as dementia, is mastering her Jan-Stix and finally eating well again!  She’s feeling the magic and grasping the possibilities!  From small bits to large she is feeding herself and dining with some dignity once again.  One other nice feature – the stix are durable!  Thank you, Jan-Stix!” (right) - L. W., Lower Gwynedd, PA “Jan-Stix are an absolute delight to use! I can finally enjoy Chinese food the way it was meant to be eaten.” (right) - K. A., Atlanta, GA “My kids absolutely love them. We use them all the time not just to eat with. They work great for cooking pasta, pulling out vegetables from the pot. We even used them to cook hot dogs on the stove. You definitely have a very useful kitchen item.” - E. B., Michigan City, IN

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Jan-Stix are ideal for Asian noodles too.
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