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Conventional Chopsticks haven’t

changed in over 4,000 years…

…Isn’t it time for something better?

“But I can already use chopsticks…”

(or maybe you just don’t want to say)…

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Your whole family will love Jan-Stix. Jan-Stix are comfortable to hold.
Better Design More comfortable to hold, easier and more effective to use.
More Versatile A better way to eat salads, shellfish, stews, pasta, and even dessserts.
Socially Responsible A safer, more sanitary, and environmentally friendlier alternative.
Empower Your Loved Ones Enhance the life of someone who struggles with ordinary eating utensils.

Why Jan-Stix?

Many diners have difficulty eating with conventional chopsticks. They find them uncomfortable to hold, awkward to use, and prone to dropping food before it reaches their mouth. Even proficient chopstick users have justified concerns about sanitation, sustainability, and ailments resulting from prolonged usage. But Jan-Stix can add more wow to your Chicken Kung Pao. Even experienced chopsticks users find Jan-Stix more comfortable to hold, easier to use, and more effective at securing each delicious morsel. And Jan-Stix are a sanitary, sustainable, and socially responsible alternative to disposable chopsticks. See why Jan-Stix are chopsticks for the 21st century.

Superior Design

Shouldn’t chopsticks fit your hand, not the other way around? Our oval handle allows you to hold Jan-Stix in a dozen different ways, whatever you like. The “orange peel” texture provides a slip-resistant and pleasing tactile sensation. The springy hinge keeps the tips in perpetual alignment, so your Moo Goo Gai Pan will never become Oh My Wet Lap. Curved tips allow you to scoop up rice and other grains more effectively than with conventional chopsticks. Raised nubs on the inner tip surfaces secure even the most slippery morsel. Spend less time cleaning your plate, and less worry about having to clean your pants. Jan-Stix are free-standing, so you never need a chopsticks rest. And they take up less table space than a wine goblet. You need both hands to properly orient conventional chopsticks. But with just one hand--either hand— your Jan-Stix are ready to go. That’s ergonomic design. Because when you face General Tso, shouldn’t you have a better weapon?

Superior Versatility...

Not just for Asian Cuisine…

Think Outside the Wok!

Traditional western eating utensils— spoon, fork, and knife—were fashioned after tools of construction or weapons of destruction. But Jan-Stix mimic the natural, instinctive way humans have plucked and gathered food for centuries... yet your fingers never touch the food. Do you love your food? Then shouldn’t you stop stabbing it? Salads do not like being stabbed— they make you fight for every bite. Are you still stabbing your Caesar? Are you a slob with your Cobb? Isn’t it time to stop stabbing and start caressing? Try this little experiment: Discretely watch somebody eating a garden salad. Count how many times she stabs with her fork until she gets just the right bite. Isn’t that a lot of wasted effort? Salads don’t take kindly to being impaled. Now imagine how Jan-Stix would enable you to pluck that perfect bite, first time, every time. Consider how Jan-Stix promotes healthy eating and a wholesome diet. Picture how Jan-Stix performs with shellfish: shrimp, clams, oysters,mussels, scallops, lobster, crab, and calamari. Can cocktail forks keep those slippery devils in their place? The raised nubs of Jan-Stix do, even when dipping in butter or cocktail sauce. Envision your delight with pasta and other Mediterranean dishes: scampi, tortellini, rigatoni, antipasto, paella, shish-kabob, and so on. Appreciate how Jan-Stix will enhance stews and other ethnic delights: Beef Bourguignon, Hungarian Goulash, Swedish Meatballs, Beef Stroganoff, Seafood Newburg, Chicken Primavera, chili, and fondue. For dessert: diced fruits and berries. And can you find anything better for dunking Oreos™ in milk? These are foods you already enjoy… now you can enjoy them even more with Jan-Stix.

Safe, Sanitary and

Socially Responsible

Jan-Stix are superior in so many other ways… Jan-Stix are made entirely in the USA from FDA-approved materials. Even unused disposable chopsticks are breeding grounds for bacteria. They are notorious for toxic levels of sulfur dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, talc, and sodium sulfite. Dishwasher-safe Jan-Stix are the hygienic alternative to disposable chopsticks. Studies have shown that repeated use of conventional chopsticks can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and hand osteoarthritis. Jan-Stix are the first ergonomically-designed chopsticks, designed to be “hand friendly.” Every day over 400 million used chopsticks are discarded. Every day more than a hundred acres of woodlands are cleared for their replenishment. Each reusable Jan-Stix can replace over 3,000 disposable wooden chopsticks. Jan-Stix are the sustainable alternative to disposable chopsticks.

Sometimes mother is the

necessity of invention

I developed Jan-Stix for my mother, Janice Marshall.  After her stroke, Jan had difficulty using a fork and was restricted to a “finger food” diet. Instead, Jan-Stix allowed her to enjoy many of her favorite foods, and to once again dine with dignity. Jan was devoted to many worthy causes. In her honor, for every Jan-Stix sold we now contribute another to organizations dedicated to assisting individuals who struggle with ordinary eating utensils.

How to get your Jan-Stix

Jan-Stix are ideal for you and those you love. Jan-Stix are priced at $10 each, and when you buy four or more shipping is free. And Jan-Stix come with a 90-day, no questions asked, satisfaction guarantee. So get Jan-Stix now, before your next chopsticks disaster. Your pants will thank you. Let’s eat better… with Jan-Stix!