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Jan-Stix are intuitively easy to handle--even if you fumble with conventional chopsticks!

“I can’t use chopsticks… but I can use Jan-Stix!”

“I don’t like using chopsticks. When we would eat Chinese--which is pretty often--I would always use a fork. Chopsticks seemed to be this quaint artifact from a bygone era. And they were just not effective as an eating utensil. I may be ‘all thumbs’ when it comes to using conventional chopsticks. But Jan-Stix are a whole different story. The oval handle fits comfortably in Emily’s dainty hands, and just as easily between my meaty fingers and thumb. The inviting, “orange peel” texture provides a pleasing tactile sensation, and reduces slippage. The springy handle requires only a gentle squeeze to embrace every bite. Relax your grip and the tips spring apart for the next morsel. The pinch-proof hinge ensures that the tips remain in constant alignment. That was always my biggest problem with conventional chopsticks.   The raised nubs on the inner tip surfaces embrace even the most slippery foods. Yet the outer surfaces are smooth against lips and tongue. Nothing slips through my grasp! Jan-Stix are great for Asian meals--but also for salads, stews, shellfish, pasta, fruit--foods that you would never dream could be eaten with chopsticks! Whoever thought that chopsticks could be this much fun?  
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