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Think outside the wok! Jan-Stix can be used for many non-Asian delicacies.

“I don’t like Asian… but Jan-Stix are so versatile!”

“I’ve always been adventurous. I love trying new things. But I just don’t ‘get’ Asian food. My friends are always raving about the latest sushi, Thai, or Asian Fusion restaurant. But those places just don’t appeal to me. But while I’m not a fan of Asian, the 21st Century Chopsticks are ideal for many of the things I do like! And if you truly love food, you should stop stabbing and begin embracing each bite! Like salads. Pick your favorite--Garden, Chef, Greek, Cobb, Caesar, Fruit, Chicken, Tuna, Shrimp, Egg, Potato, Waldorf, Cucumber, Macaroni, Pasta, or Three Bean. Stabbing them with a fork is crude and sloppy. Jan-Stix make everything more manageable.  Or stews. Jan-Stix are excellent for Beef Bourguignon, Hungarian Goulash, Swedish Meatballs, Beef Stroganoff, Seafood Newburg, Turkey Tetrazzini, Chicken Primavera, or even Chili! (I said I was adventurous!) I love seafood, and Jan-Stix are perfect for shrimp, oysters, clams, mussels, scallops, or calimari. They are so much better than those tiny cocktail forks. Everybody loves Italian! Don’t you? Jan-Stix are ideal for antipasto and many pastas (farfalle, fusilli, orecchiette, orzo, penne, rigatoni, rotini, tortellini, ziti.) And also other Mediterranean dishes such as paella, shish kabob, and escargot. And those are just the main courses--Jan-Stix are great for side dishes too. Rice and other grains, such as risotto, quinoa, or couscous. Legumes, such as beans, lentils, chick peas, black-eyed peas, and snow peas. And most small vegetables as well. One of my guilty pleasures is fondue. Jan-Stix maintain better control than forks for cheese or chocolate fondue. Even just for casual snacking. I use them for sliced fruit, grapes, berries, and olives. Jan-Stix are ideal for ‘finger food’--for those times when you don’t want to use your fingers! My nephew Kevin loves using them to dunk Oreos in milk! Jan-Stix are also superb serving or dispensing utensils, and have many other household uses. And who knows? Maybe someday I’ll even develop a taste for sushi!
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