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Jan-Stix can liberate you from a “finger food” diet.

“I can’t use a fork… but I can use Jan-Stix!”

“Many people my age have difficulty using conventional utensils. Whether it is arthritis, or something more severe, we no longer have the dexterity of our youth. But we don’t want to give up our favorite foods! Jose and I were practically resigned to a “finger food” diet until I discovered Jan-Stix. Holding a fork requires the minor muscles of the fingers. But Jan-Stix engage the major muscles of the forearm, so there is far less strain and discomfort. Jan-Stix only weight 3 ounces. And they have a graceful elegance, unlike those clunky adaptive eating utensils. I’m no longer embarrassed to dine in public. Jan-Stix are dishwasher-safe, and are made from FDA-approved materials, so I have one less thing to worry about when eating. When dining out I take my Jan-Stix in my cute little Travel Sleeve, which is also sanitary. My friends are always asking about my clever little Jan-Stix. They make thoughtful gifts, and they only cost a few dollars. I think the Jan-Stix folks should put me on commission!”
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