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Jan-Stix… Finally you can put something on the table that the whole family will enjoy!

“I can get what I want… with Jan-Stix!”

“If you are like me you want to make dinner a special experience for your loved ones. With Jan-Stix I can finally put something on the table that the whole family will enjoy! I want to expand my children’s horizons. I want them to be able to enjoy the cuisines of the world from the safety of our home. So we have begun celebrating ‘Forkless Fridays’ as a way to get away from the pizza regimen. Jamal and Desiree can’t wait for the next time to use their Jan-Stix. I found over 1,200 healthy recipes that are ideal for Jan-Stix! Some of family’s favorites are Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Tetrazzini, and Hungarian Goulash, which I can whip up for the crock pot before I leave for work. During the summer Earl will fire up shish-kabobs on the grill. (And for those days when I just don’t have the energy, there are many healthful alternatives in the frozen food section of the supermarket.) Jan-Stix even turns fast food into a fiesta! They are ideal for chicken nuggets or mac-and- cheese. Jamal and Desiree are more likely to finish their vegetables with Jan-Stix. And they are--without a doubt--the best way to dunk Oreos in milk!”
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