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Jan-Stix are stylish, easy to use, and affordable.

“Jan-Stix provide a stylish alternative to

conventional adaptive utensils.”

“As an occupational therapist I work with patients of all ages, helping them regain motor skills they may have lost due to illness or trauma, but more often teaching them new skills they will need to maintain their independence. Being able to feed oneself is obviously one such important skill. Many of the afflictions associated with aging, such as arthritis and neuropathy, can make it difficult to manipulate conventional dining utensils. There are a number of adaptive dining utensils on the market that make it easier for my patients to cope with their afflictions. While these are effective devices, their homely institutional design can stigmatize their users. My patients are frequently reluctant to use them in public, or even among family members. Their embarrassment can limit their socialization, their diet, and ultimately their well-being. Jan-Stix are a welcome alternative to conventional adaptive eating utensils. Their stylish design is embraced by diners of all ages, so they are readily adopted by my patients. Jan-Stix are intuitively easy to use, which is not always the case with conventional adaptive utensils. And they are affordable, which is important for those on fixed incomes. Jan-Stix are not meant for the more challenging afflictions, such as advanced stage Parkinson’s. And dementia patients do not perform well, as they require continual retraining for the new eating technique. But I have enjoyed success with stroke patients, and those with rheumatoid arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, cerebral palsy, partial amputations, lupus, multiple sclerosis, mild essential tremor, and early stage Parkinson’s.”
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